The Cost Savings Calculator…

Sod vs. Synthetic Grass Installation

This comparison assumes a 500 square foot lawn installation. It provides a cost analysis between installing our Synthetic Lawn versus installing and maintaining Sod over the next 15 years. Our Dream Lawns have a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years and come with an incredible 8 Year Manufacturer’ s Warranty.



Synthetic Grass

Installation (500 square feet)

$ 1,250.00

$ 4,495.00
Gardener ($40 per month > $580/yr x 15yrs)

$ 8,700.00

$ 0.00

Repair & Maintenance ($200 /yr x 15yrs)
(fertilizer, re-seeding, sprinkler repair, etc.)

$ 3,000.00

$ 0.00

Water Bill for lawn portion of landscape
(Avg. $15.00 per month x12 x 15yrs)

$ 2,700.00

$ 0.00

TOTAL Costs: $ 15,650.00 $ 4,495.00

BREAKEVEN = Approximately 4.5 YEARS

SAVINGS – Put at least $10,000 back in your pocket over the next 15 years.

*This comparison assumes that an automatic sprinkler was pre-existing. If not, add an additional $1,100 to the cost of the Sod installation bringing the breakeven down to four years.

Savings to the ENVIRONMENT:

  1. No Chemical runoff into the ocean or reservoirs from herbicides or pesticides
  2. No emissions from lawnmowers or blowers
  3. Helping keep our Water Sheds full
  4. Saving the municipal tax expenses related to the pumping of our water (from Colorado) and the water treatment.